Hole 1 - St. Davids

A challenging opener with a slight dog-leg to the right. This hole requires an accurate drive to the left half of the fairway to give the best line into a well protected green that has bunkers both to the left and the right. Beware though as Out of bounds beckons for any overhit shot. A par 4 feels like a good solid start.

Hole 2 - Maiden Bridge

A short par 4 with a sharp dog-leg to the right. Position from the tee is paramount. Shots hit too far right can leave an awkward 2nd shot over the trees and large green side bunker. Shots that are too long will end up in the river Esk, A well placed tee shot leaves a short iron to the green and a real birdie chance.

Hole 3 - The Tryst

The 1st of four excellent par 3's no the course. Deceptively straightforward, this green has a narrow entrance guarded by bunkers both right and left. A large green front to back means that there can easily be a 2-club difference depending on where the pin is situated. You will generally be more than happy to walk off with a par 3 here.

Hole 4 - Lilacs

The first of a challenging 3 hole stretch into the prevailing wind. Key to the drive here is to avoid the the well placed fairway bunker. After that its a straightforward enough iron shot into a large green. The green itself has bunkers left and right and, depending on pin position, can leave you with a tricky swinging putt.

Hole 5 - The Kink

This is stroke index 1 for a very good reason. Its a long left handed dog-leg with out of bounds all the way down the left and a strategically placed fairway bunker on the right that gathers many a ball. Get the drive away and its an uphill shot with a long iron or fairway wood into the green. The slopes on the green means the difficulty does not end once you reach it. Get on the wrong side of this hole can easily result in a 3-putt. A par 4 here will definitely feel like a birdie.

Hole 6 - D'Arcy

A view of hole 6 looking from the green back towards the tee. Pro Tip A challenging long par four. Tee shot should find right half of fairway, missing fairway bunkers, to provide opportunity of finding the large green.

Hole 7 - Arthur Seat

A view of hole 7 looking from the fairway towards the green. Arthur Seat can be seen in the background. Pro Tip A short par four requiring an accurate tee shot avoiding the fairway bunkers thus leaving a short iron to the green.

Hole 8 - Bogle

A view of hole 8 looking from the tee towards the green which is well guarded. Pro Tip A delightful par three from an elevated tee requiring an accurate tee shot.

Hole 9 - Lone Pine

A view of hole 9 looking from the tee towards the green. The Lone Pine can bee seen on the left of the fairway. Pro Tip A tee shot finding the fairway will leave a short / medium iron to the well protected green.

Hole 10 - Stey Brae

A view of hole 10 looking from the fairway uphill towards the green. Pro Tip Do not venture left on this rising par four. Straight is the key leaving a medium iron to the well contoured green.

Hole 11 - Roundel

A view of hole 11 looking from the tee towards the green which is surrounded by bunkers. Pro Tip Surrounded by five bunkers this hole requires an excellent tee shot to find the green.

Hole 12 - Midfield

A view of hole 12 looking from the dogleg in the fairway towards the green. Pro Tip Although one of the less testing holes it requires a tee shot right of fairway taking bunkers out of play. Result should be a short iron to the green.

Hole 13 - Lucky Dip

A view of hole 13 looking from the dog-leg corner down towards the green. Pro Tip Gaining distance off the tee is a must. Your second shot ......

Hole 14 - The Oaks

A view of hole 14 green with the fairway running left to right back towards the tee. Pro Tip A straightforward 240 yard par three! Bunkers left and right of green leaves a pitch and putt as the norm on this hole.

Hole 15 - Lothian

A view of hole 15 looking from the green back up the sloping fairway towards the tee. Pro Tip Slightly downhill hole requiring a straight tee shot avoiding trees on right and bunker on left 160 yards from green. Second shot is normally a medium iron to the green.

Hole 16 - The Gap

A view of hole 16 looking from the front of the tee, over the burn, with a small right to left dogleg towards the green. Pro Tip A picturesque hole requiring a straight tee shot so avoiding fairway bunkers left and right. Second shot normally a medium iron to the well protected green.

Hole 17 - Abbey

A view of hole 17 looking from the front of the secluded elevated tee, over the River Esk, towards the plateau green guarded by bunkers left ad right. Pro Tip Our signature hole. The tee shot is played from a secluded elevated tee over the river to the fairway below. Second shot is played to a plateau green flanked by mature trees on either side.

Hole 18 - Hame

A view of hole 18 looking from the tee towards the green with the Clubhouse sitting on the right hand side. Pro Tip Excellent finishing hole. A straight tee shot avoiding out of bounds on the left and the well placed trees leaves a short-mid iron to the green.

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Hole By Hole


The hole by hole tour is shown above as you walk through each hole it will present a picture and pro tip for playing the hole.

Planned Changes

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Sometimes its best to view the hold from above and we will soon include a google map view of the hole annotated with information. We're not sure how google will feel about us using their images so need to check that out first.  Although anybody with access to a helicopter or drone that wishes to give us free arial shots of the course would also be welcome.



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