Sponsors Day

Today, the club are taking the opportunity to thank our sponsors for their support over the past year.

Due to the tireless efforts of Robin Spinks and John McDonald over the past year, we have quite an impressive array of sponsors.  The full list can be seen here Club Sponsors.

Our Main Sponsors of Belhaven and Tesco have provided considerable financial support to the club.  I'm sure I dont have to note what Bellhaven provide us, other than to say, without it, golf would require a lot of expensive counselling!  Tesco have been our Card sponsor for the past 2 years, providing both summer and winter cards.  To date, we estimate around 10,000 cards have been handed out, which has been an excellent way of displaying our partnership with Tesco.

Not only have they all provided financial support to the club, a lot also extended their business expertise to the club.  Some of the examples below highlight this:

  • Bernard Hunter provided skips for our recent locker upgrade free of charge
  • DL Access Control provided alarms for the club
  • ScoMac project managed our kitchen upgrade and provided the required equipment
  • AGL Wealth will shortly be assisting the club with the new pension regulations

We also use the following during our day to day business:

A last but in no way least, mention to the NS Sweep, who are a merry band of members who pitched together and sponsored a tee.  A fantastic effort by these guys, which cannot be expressed enough.  

To all sponsors, a very big thank you on behalf of the club and we hope you will continue to support us in the years to come.

Enjoy today


Allan Davidson


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