The season ahead..


On the eve of what most will see as the start of the competition season, are you excited, nervous, dreading it...?  Are you ready to fly out of the blocks like Speith last night or maybe more like Tiger - who knows what will happen!

Personally, I cant wait to go up 0.1 on my birthday!!!

On a more serious note however, I would like to thank the greenstaff for their hard work and efforts in preparing us for tomorrow.  The weather may have been somewhat against us, with Jim noting yesterday that this sunshine is probably a couple of weeks later than normal.  However, the course looks fantastic, the new bunkers add a real visual presence and as they bed in, I'm sure a few of us may have a hamlet moment in them!  Jim and his team have consistently been able to produce a first class course and this year is no different.  Guys, you are a credit to the club.

My thanks also to Scott, John and Ricky for their hard work behind the scenes, to make sure all our competitions run as smoothly as possible.

Last and certainly in no way least, my thanks to Lorna and her staff in the clubhouse.  Lorna will be the resident agony aunt for us all tomorrow as we describe our tales of woe, hardship and hopefully some joy.  Throughout all of that, Lorna will be on hand with a smile and the offer of drink to ease our pain!  

My personal thanks to all involved in making our club so special.

Good luck tomorrow


Allan Davidson

Vice Captain


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