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The usual answer to Howdidido starts with well not great but.......

In this case however, we are talking about the website and unfortunately the lack of activity on it in recent weeks.

We have spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of this, but to date, neither the Club nor Club Systems can understand the problem.

Like most things technology based - they are great, whilst they work.

Please bear with us whilst we work to resolve the issue.

I would not rely on the website to provide an accurate handicap and would urge you to make contact with Ricky/ Louis if you require this for external competitions.  The alternative, would be to download on to a smartphone the SGU app, which once registered will provide your exact handicap.




Busy Times

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The Whitburgh Cup yesterday marked the start of the busiest peropd of the season for the Club. A full field played some great golf and despite the weather some fantastic scorong was posted with our own Stuart Thorburn triumphing with an excellent 65 in the afternoon securing the trophy.

Next up this week we see the 'A' class an 'B' class matchplay stages begin and continue each night this week. Good luck to all of those involved and I am sure there will be some terrific matches ahead.

Then on to Saturday and the beginning of Championship week!

Saturday sees the 36 hole qualifier. Saturday afternoon is always full of interest as we watch for who makes it, who doesn't and the proverbial question of will there be a play off!! Then we have the match play draw and the interestbegins to grow and continues as the week progresses.

Lastly on to Saturday 13th............................Finals Day!

Speaks for itself.

Good luck to all players involved through all the various Championships within the Club and hopefully the weather is as good as the course! 


Billy Gorman



2015 so far so good

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As we reach the end of May and look forward to a busy fortnight ahead for our Cat 1 golfers - how has your season been so far?

Personally, I have went up point 1, which in all honesty, would have been a lot worse had Scott and John not fitted me for a new Driver!  The Driver, for information was a Ping G30, which I bought for £10 less than the cheapest price I could find online.  I know we have mentioned this before, but if you are looking for equipment sold with sound, genuine advice, then please speak to the guys - they do an excellent job and really do know their stuff!

From the Club's perspective, I have noted some Pro's and Con's for the year to date


  • New 14th Tee.  What an excellent addition to the course, which at roughly 190yds, is still an excellent test
  • The re-introduction of a dog-leg at the 4th, which is showing real promise 
  • Our Greens, which are once again the envy of others
  • Full entry list for both the Raymond Smart and the Whitburgh Cup, with entrants from as far a field as Houston, Texas
  • Lorna Wright being made House Manager.  Lorna is the lifeblood of our club and I'm delighted to note that the new role reflects the importance and respect we have in Lorna.
  • New members, which were up some 20 on April 2014.
  • Gents Lockers.



  • Pitch Marks on the greens.  Whilst our greens are running well now, cast your mind back some 6 weeks and I counted no less than 25 unrepaired pitch marks on the 7th green.  I can't express strongly enough the need for you, as a member, to repair the pitch mark you make.  
  • 3 short on Council.  As we stand just now, Council are still seeking an additional 3 members to bring us up to a full compliment.  Three might not sound a lot, but it does increase the work load considreably on others.  Please, if you care about the club and can spare some time, let us know.  You would be made very welcome.
  • Youths at the Maiden Brig. We have had a few very unfortunate and unacceptable incidents lately with youths on the Bridge.  The police have been very supportive however and can only hope that this problem will reduce.  Please take care and at no time, put yourself in a position of confrontation with them - they are simply not worth it.
  • The Kitchen.  As I'm sure you are aware, we had to renovate the kitchen, to bring the gas facilities up to modern standards.  This came at a cost of some £9k (including an oven and other equipment).  This wasn't budgeted for, but my personal thanks to Craig Allan and ScoMac for their assitance and support on the matter.


On the whole however and pitch marks aside, the club has seen a positive start to the year and I look forward to that trend continuing throughout the remainder of the year.  

As a final comment tonight, my congratulations to Paul Ramsay, who shot 68 less 6 in the Harry Cairns on Sunday.  A fantastic score in indifferent weather conditions.  

Good luck for the month ahead



Seniors and C Class finalists

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Seniors Championship


The 2015 Seniors championship will be Bill Tyler and Bert Craig.

Both have played excellent golf to date in the competition and the final will be closely contested.

Our congratulations to both players 


C Class


Due to a small issue this morning, we are still awaiting confirmation of the C-Class finalists. 

Sponsors Day

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  • Written by Allan Davidson

Today, the club are taking the opportunity to thank our sponsors for their support over the past year.

Due to the tireless efforts of Robin Spinks and John McDonald over the past year, we have quite an impressive array of sponsors.  The full list can be seen here Club Sponsors.

Our Main Sponsors of Belhaven and Tesco have provided considerable financial support to the club.  I'm sure I dont have to note what Bellhaven provide us, other than to say, without it, golf would require a lot of expensive counselling!  Tesco have been our Card sponsor for the past 2 years, providing both summer and winter cards.  To date, we estimate around 10,000 cards have been handed out, which has been an excellent way of displaying our partnership with Tesco.

Not only have they all provided financial support to the club, a lot also extended their business expertise to the club.  Some of the examples below highlight this:

  • Bernard Hunter provided skips for our recent locker upgrade free of charge
  • DL Access Control provided alarms for the club
  • ScoMac project managed our kitchen upgrade and provided the required equipment
  • AGL Wealth will shortly be assisting the club with the new pension regulations

We also use the following during our day to day business:

A last but in no way least, mention to the NS Sweep, who are a merry band of members who pitched together and sponsored a tee.  A fantastic effort by these guys, which cannot be expressed enough.  

To all sponsors, a very big thank you on behalf of the club and we hope you will continue to support us in the years to come.

Enjoy today


Allan Davidson


Raymond Smart

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A field of 145 players competed this years Raymond Smart.  In difficult weather conditions, but on an imaculate course David Lock, of Kings Acre finished on top with a fantastic net 63.

David's putter was clearly on fire today as he went round in only 24 putts.

The top 7 handicap winners were:

  1. David Lock
  2. Douglas Hope
  3. James Hogg (Newbattle)
  4. Donald Gibson (Newbattle)
  5. Brian Kennedy
  6. Dom Foley (Newbattle)
  7. Paul McManus

The scratch winners were:

  1. Jim Bunce (Newbattle)
  2. Ian McKerrow
  3. Kevin McGhee

The CSS was 70.


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