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  • Written by Allan Davidson

A reminder to all that anyone playing the course prior to 7:30am MUST give way to the greenstaff who are preparing the course for that day.

Please use common sense when playing early in the morning to avoid any formal action having to be put in place.

Remember if you want our club to maintain the course standards we currently enjoy - we need to allow the team the time to maintain it.

This is being actively monitored by the greens committee and anyone with concerns about such should speak to either myself as Captain or Malcolm Thomson as Greens Convenor.

Thank you

Allan Davidson



Hole in one

Congratulations to Mick Thorburn, who in yesterday's rearranged spoon had a hole in one at the 3rd.

Mick will be on hand throughout the weekend to provide more details on the shot itself.

It is unconfirmed at this stage whether he will be signing autographs, but we will keep you informed.

Congratulations Mick, a fantastic achievement.




Open Mixed Tournament

In yesterday's Open Mixed Tournament, Keith Gemmell (Haddington) and Leslie Love (Gifford) won with a fabulous net 66.5.

The full results of the tournament were:


1st Place - K Gemmell & Leslie Love, net 66.5

2nd Place - S McGeouch & K McGeouch, net 67

3rd Place - A Thomson & A Wilson, net 72

4th Place - W O'Neil & E O'Neil, net 72.5 (BIH)


Winner - T Gowan & M Pollock, scratch 80

Congratulations to all and once again my thanks to all staff, council and volunteers that were involved in ensuring that the day was a fantastic success for all.


Allan Davidson



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